Friday, 9 December 2016

Ching Hai thinks prostitution is fine

Ching Hai had before said 'masters are always right and can do no wrong' ( which confirms even more that she thinks a man pimping women is OK as can be seen in the videos below.

'Masters' or what some people call 'enlightened' people are supposed to be all good or at least do no wrong, in the first video below she calls Kabir a 'master' and a 'saint', and in the second video below Ching Hai calls Kabir "so enlightened", in both saying he tried to sell his wife (obviously meaning her body) so if she thinks Kabir was a saint doing that then she must think selling a woman's body is OK, an 'enlightened person' would never do such harm. If someone prostitutes their wife obviuosly they're far from a being a saint but Mrs Ching Hai thinks they can be.

Cult leader Ching Hai thinks prostitution is... by chinghaiexposed

Cult leader Ching Hai thinks stealing is OK

Cult leader Ching Hai teaches her followers stealing is OK -

"everyone is free to take anything they wish"


Disciples of Ching Hai steal other people's wi-fi and she laughs about it -

Disciples of Ching Hai steal other people's wi-fi by chinghaiexposed


Ching Hai steals herself from her followers via exploitation. After she brainwashes them to believe she's God and Jesus reincarnated she gets them to buy her useless merchandise of which are sold in every meditation center of the group as well as her website. Members believe they get blessings from her products of which is obviously false. Someone negative would only give negativity from anything from themselves.

Ching Hai thinks ethics are not required to be a good person. Here she tells her followers that none of the precepts required to join the group need to be followed in order to go to Heaven. One of the precepts is not to steal, i.e. Ching Hai thinks someone can be a thief and a saint at the same time.

Cult leader Ching Hai thinks ethics are not... by chinghaiexposed

Saturday, 5 November 2016

More evidence Ching Hai lied about the identity of her 'master'

Below is a letter written and signed by Thakar Singh, a 'master' of the Sant Mat group confirming that Ching Hai was his disciple. He also states that at the time Ching Hai had started initiating people herself she wasn't enlightened (there is a lot of evidence showing she still isn't). The letter is in German but I've included a Google translation below it - obviously it's not perfectly translated as it was done by a computer but it's well enough for the purpose.

Google Translation:

My very dear soul Astrid, 

Your loving letter of 25 second I have received, as well as the cry of your soul for God. 

It is our birthright as a soul, one with our loving Father God to be, because we are His children and He would like that we return back in his lap for us to enjoy the treasures of the kingdom of God. It is our birthright to find our way to-rueck to Him by accepting a competent, highest master is one with Him, and also bring us together with Him. Such a master is very rare and it isn't a great gift of God to meet Him. 

Ching Hai is a longtime student of mine who one day decided to qualify themselves as champion. She was once very devoted to me and I had never expected that they would do this. As long as I work here in this world can any of my students claim the champion imprisonment for itself - this is a spiritual law. I want you therefore ask that You gain as quickly as possible from my Representative for Switzerland, Heinz Urban, initiation from me, for he is instructed by me to grant this. His address you can find below. The initiation of Ching Hai you can not lead back to God: this requires a highest, competent Master! 

I am delighted that my dear soul will follow the path of truth and I ask you, when due have received the initiation, use so-much time as possible for the Holy meditation: thus you will be truly blessed. 
If you contact with other dear souls that are initiated by Ching Hai, please share with them what you have learned. 

I love you and send you my best wishes! 

Paternal yours,
Thakar Singh

Friday, 4 November 2016

Why the Ching Hai group is a cult

  • Ching hai's teachings nor her claim as a "supreme master" is based on absolutely no evidence
  • Ching hai claims to be God and Jesus again with no evidence at all and is worshiped by many if not most of her followers
  • Ching Hai expects her disciples to follow her instructions blindly and to be empty minded
  • The cult instruct's it's members to commit fraud. On Amazon's best sellers list the cult tells it's members to buy Ching Hai's books in bulk as many as possible to artificially raise the position of Ching Hai's books to falsely claim they were best sellers
  • The leader of the cult attacks her members (which she prefers to call 'scolding')
  • Ching Hai makes self contradictory statements about spirituality proving she is false
  • The leader of the cult claims more than 99.9% of people in the world are unable to reach her 'spiritual level'
  • Many members of the cult work for her free (slavery)
  • Ching Hai made a false end of world prediction claiming the world would be destroyed in January 2013 if at least half the world's population didn't become vegan and after that date members still think she's truthful and genuine showing there is a lot of brainwashing occurring in the association
  • Members of the cult are forced to watch propaganda videos of Ching Hai when they go to one of their centers for group meditation
  • Ching Hai's photos are everywhere in the groups meditation centers and she sells pendants as well as many other useless items with her picture for her disciples (worshiping a human and an ordinary one at that)

and many, many, many, more reasons.

The Quan Yin Method

The association teaches a meditation called the Quan Yin Method. In the past the group also taught a lighter version of the Quan Yin method called The Convenient Method but now it's just the one. The Quan Yin method is EXACTLY THE SAME as the Sant Mat meditation taught by the Sant Mat group which is where Mrs Ching Hai learnt it from, she just changed the name and claimed she was tought it by a 450 year old Master living deep in the Himalaya mountains that was waiting for her and was directed there by God where in fact her 'Master' was Thakar Singh of the above mentioned group.

Mrs Ching Hai claims she expands the third eye of initiates during initiation and creates a connection with each new member and by that statement and many implications made by the group's members to new initiates, the members are misled to believe that the method is powerful because of Ching Hai herself, that without her the meditation is nothing or much, much weaker and also without a 'Master' anyone practising the method could get possessed.

The meditation itself is strong but how effective the technique is and how much one succeeds in it has nothing to do with there being any 'master' it's just a good meditation method but because members are told the meditation is strong and works because of the 'Master', every time they practice it and gain some peace or feel better they give her credit for it. This is one of the reasons members of the group become so focused on her and idolise her - they think all the peace they got from the technique is from her where it was actually only from their own time and effort spent on it. Anyone can teach the method it requires no Master for any reason and the possession thing, well, many people get partially possessed all the time (which affects their feelings and thoughts - it's not like it is in the movies), so no big deal.

About Ching Hai

There is absolutely no evidence Ching Hai is enlightened, there is A LOT, of evidence she isn't. The meditation may work for some or most people but that has absolutely nothing to do with her. The fraud called Ching Hai ISN'T enlightened or a 'master' she's just an ordinary woman acting and deceiving many people, anyone can just start calling themselves a master. There are many leaders of 'spiritual groups' that claim to be a 'master' and their followers believe them as well. A wise person would ask for evidence. Anyone thinking they saw Ching Hai during meditation or in their dreams projected that image themselves, Ching Hai wasn't, there. Ching Hai teaches a useful meditation method (that doesn't work for everyone) but she does it only to exploit people for money, power and fame, and the meditation is not as secret as she claims. I suggest to disciples of Ching Hai that they look at all the evidence in this blog and the video channel proving Ching Hai is false before make any judgments about this site.

The Ching Hai Association is a cult, don't be fooled by them

If you join the cult they'll get into your head and you'll end up buying a lot, a lot, of Ching Hai's merchandise for their so called blessings (they'll tell you products of Ching Hai give blessings) and to donate to Ching Hai through the group's centers. As well giving her huge amount of your savings and income on useless items you'll also worship Ching Hai and call her a Master, and if you're even more unlucky you'll become one of her permanent full-time slaves paid absolutely nothing.

Ching Hai wants your money, your worship and for you to work for her for free anytime she asks you to.

The group claims they do not accept donations but you'll receive many emails from your nearest meditation center asking for money for different things as well as lots of non-optional advertisements of her products.

Ching Hai even claims she is Jesus reincarnated -

Video exposing Ching Hai trying to manipulate followers for their money. In this video the same day she tells her followers 'they must give money to people like her' and them having 'less than enough or barely enough money is the best'. -

Proof Ching Hai is a liar -