Saturday, 11 June 2016

*** Ching Hai Exposed ***

I was in the Ching Hai 'association' for years and had even met Ching Hai personally and without anyone else present. I know exactly, how the cults' members think.

One of the main problems of the members of the group is that they give her credit that she never earnt. Ching Hai teaches them a meditation that takes less than 20 minutes to teach and the members then give her a lot, if not all, of their money, their devotion, their worship, free labor for life and do anything Ching Hai asks them, for just a 20 minute meditation lesson. Ching Hai lies to her members that the meditation she teaches only works because of her and that she teaches it to help them. The meditation requires no so called master and Ching Hai teaches it to then use them. Kind-of like someone handing an advertisement of a job to someone and then telling that person they have to give 95% of their income from that job to the one that told them about it.

Many of the cult's members know about all the very negative things Ching Hai does but they still follow her just like other brainwashed followers of some other groups.

If you are a member and think Ching Hai has helped you which she hasn't really - you put your own effort and time into the meditation which doesn't require anyone else to function, does it make it OK for Ching Hai to:

  • lie a lot
  • manipulate her members for virtually all their money to the point they are struggling or barely surviving,
  • for her to attack you which she calls scolding
  • for her to get you to work for her for free all your life
  • for her to ask you to do anything she wants you to do anytime
  • for her to get you to worship her where you should only worship God (Ching Hai isn't God)
  • for her to tell you to only love her
  • for her to brainwash you into thinking the meditation works because of her so you would give her credit she didn't earn as well as to re-enforce your attention and following to her
  • for her to ask you to commit fraud on Amazon to try to get her books on a higher ranking on the sellers list
  • ......and all the other highly harmful things she does.

If you do not like this site why don't you try to discuss any of the evidence we have presented? Is it an enlightened thing to do to try to attack people that are working to help you, to free you?

Since this blog was launched not one single member of Ching Hai's 'association' had tried to discuss any of the evidence we have shown.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

*** Ching Hai Exposed ***


Due to death threats made to us members of the Ching Hai cult we have decided to suspend displaying all the hard complete evidence of Ching Hai's fraud for the time being.


Monday, 8 February 2016

*** Ching Hai Exposed ***

Only a cult wouldn't want you to know the truth about them. If a member of the Ching Hai group doesn't like this site to exist they are indirectly realizing that Ching Hai ISN'T what she claims, she isn't enlightened for enlightened people don't have things about what they've done and what they do they wish to hide.

The only thing we're doing is giving people the facts for them to decide for themselves and they (the cult's members) are trying to hide the truth from you. If Ching Hai were really enlightened (only God is perfect and Ching Hai isn't God) there would be nothing to hide, yet there are so very, very, many things that Ching Hai doesn't want you to know about her.

There have been a number of moronic attacks by the group's members and not a single one of them have tried to even slightly discuss any of the evidence we have presented. All the eejats did was attack. 


Don't let the life stealing deluded blasphemer steal your life.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

***The Ching Hai cult Exposed***

The cult tried to make Google close down the Ching Hai Exposed website and video channel which was for about one day. After communication with Google it was reactivated.

The cult forced YouTube to close the video channel which was here -

They made Google close down four mirror sites + another website exposing Ching Hai

Over 40 death threats have been sent to us as well as other attacks by members of Ching Hai's cult.

How much proof does one need that they have a lot to hide?

The more the try to stop us giving people the truth about them the more they confirm themselves as a cult. Each attempt by them is recorded as proof and if it will ever be necessary we could present that evidence of the cult trying to hide the truth about their group to the mainstream media. We haven't done so to date but if they keep trying to close down out websites and video channels we will.

If Ching Hai is 'enlightened' and 'perfect' why is there so much evidence proving beyond any doubt that she is anything but?

I will mention any more attempts by the cult to stop us exposing them.

Attempts by the cult to hide the truth about themselves from you:

  • 2014 - Made Google close down the website and video channel that only lasted for one day
  • 2014 - Forced Google to close down four mirror sites and a secondary website exposing Ching Hai
  • March 2015 - Forced YouTube to closed down the video channel
  • Since 2014 - 46 death threats have been sent to us by members of their group
  • Since 2014 - 11 personal attacks have been made against us by members of their group

How much proof do you need?

Sunday, 15 November 2015

A few of the very many things of Ching Hai's guilt

Lying to people that she is enlightened

Advocating harmful things by expressing her negative opinions to her members believing she can do no wrong

Lying to people that she is a 'Supreme' master as well as a 'master'

Blaspheming by claiming to be God and saying it's OK to laugh at God

Blocking people's spiritual development by claiming they can only reach a maximum of the 5th spiritual level

Lying to her members that her merchandise gives blessing in order to make more money wasting people's money on useless crap

From what I was told. Destroys psychic abilities of her members using her own abilities because she claims they will 'develop an ego'

Lies to her members about many things one of which was that the world would end in January 2013 if at least half of the world didn't become vegetarian

Forces her own opinion on her members that it is better not to have dairy. Research has shown that vegans may have significantly lower IQs than vegetarians -

Ching Hai attacks her members. She claims she's 'cleansing their karma' and calls her disgusting behaviour 'scolding'.

Claims credit for anything gained from practice of the meditation she teaches by lying to her members that they have a 'spiritual connection' with her that makes the meditation work.

....and many, many, many, many more.

Ching Hai's followers are blinded by love for their slave master

Only a very big fool would believe Ching Hai is 'all perfect'.

Ching Hai is just an ordinary woman, anyone not brainwashed by her can see it. There is absolutely nothing special about her, no particular quality, no extra kindness, no extra compassion, nothing. Yet her followers think she's perfect and better than every other being.

Her followers try to claim Ching Hai cares about others because of the time she spent on the group and for free (they think for free)

- She used to talk a lot to her members but she made and still does, a lot of money from them and has many slaves. She was doing a less than a full-time job will all the money she was making.


Her followers think she must be a 'master' because the meditation she teaches is strong

There are at least a few strong meditation methods and all of them work perfectly fine without a so called master. A meditation method is just a method, it isn't proof the person that taught it is anything other than an ordinary person.


Her followers think Ching Hai has helped many people when she has done absolutely nothing for them other than give them a meditation which takes less than 20 minutes to teach and these days it is mostly if not entirely taught by her 'messengers'. They don't think about all the harm Ching Hai does to them including taking all their money for nothing, taking their time, taking their worship, their energy, and much, much more.

The whole situation is a bit like someone getting another a job and then expecting that individual to give the 'agent' 95% of the money they make for the rest of their life. The new employee is grateful to the 'agent' (Ching Hai) that they make that much money of which they do with their own time and effort that they are happy to give her 95% of every penny they make because they also believe that 'agent' will help others get a job and the same thing continues.

Someone is truly happy if they are consciously, happy. If someone is being taken advantage of, being abused and they think they are happy they are not  because obviously they are blinding themselves to their suffering. It is the same thing with Ching Hai's followers. They meditate and think Ching Hai has made them happy and they unconsciously choose to not look at all the harm she does to them and their lives. Ching Hai hasn't made anyone happy she has made them think, they are happy.

The real Convenient Method meditation

The cult used to teach another meditation also to members only, called the Convenient Method which was a basic version of the Quan Yin Method. Later for a while they claimed to teach the method openly which included a video at the group's YouTube channel here - from 4m3s until they made the video private. They were lying in the video by calling the very basic method in it the "Covenient Method" because it wasn't the actual convenient method they used to teach, which had more to it but the cult has no problem at all with lying especially if Ching Hai tells them to do it the woman that has been proven that wants her followers to be blind and empty minded.