Thursday, 12 January 2017

***Ching Hai Exposed***

There are so many more things we can tell about the evil cult leader Ching Hai and so many more videos we can show exposing her real nature but why should we have to give more evidence when we have already give a huge amount. How much proof do they need? They are so brainwashed that for maybe many of them even thousands of hard, full strong evidence wont wake them up from their deep delusion. None of the pompous animals of the Ching Hai cult that messaged us tried even slightly to discuss any of the evidence we've provided all they did was attack. Needless to say because the eejats have nothing really to say.

We considered explaining in detail exactly and fully how the Quan Yin method is used to brainwashes her followers with false beliefs, psychological manipulation as well as lies about the method but this information may be used by other cruel cult leaders to increase their hold of their followers. One of the biggest lies Ching Hai tells her disciples is that without her the Quan Yin method wouldn't work and the more they meditate the more they'll be influenced by her and under her control.

Ching Hai talks a lot but she never really, teaches anything useful for life. She gives her opinions, many of which she later changes her mind about. Her followers could be reaching actual high spiritual levels and live great, perfect, lives but Ching Hai blocks them telling them they 99.9% can only reach a maximum spiritual level of the 5th level and teaches them very negative things as well as additionally harming them with a lot, a lot, of gibberish.

Ching Hai claims to be Jesus reincarnated -
yet we all know Jesus is known and famous for never hurting anyone no matter how much they disagreed with him. Yet Ching Hai admittingly attacks people a lot of which she calls 'scolding'.

In cult leader Ching Hai's video of 15 August 2015 she tries to attack us and other critics by trying to scare us. She said "in the dark of the night they might not see me" after 'referring' to people that criticize her and then speaks total non-sense gibberish saying 'anything bad her critics see about her is a mirror' which of course is total and complete crap but her disciples are blind zombies, if you will, with her and just take whatever rubbish she throws at them. Obviously if someone is proven and shown to be doing harm they are doing harm what a pathetic attempt in defense to say when people see her doing negative things they're looking at a mirror. She is even laughing laughing while saying that crap further proving her acting, her true negative nature and her fakeness.

Shame on Ching Hai, for being so cruel and heartless to her group's members of which she sucks the life out of and are brainwashed to believe she is helping them, and for attacking those that prove her true nature to free and help people so that they may go on genuine paths to improving themselves and their lives instead of giving everything they have to the pathological systematic lying cruel Ching Hai in her cult.

Why is it after over 30 years since she created the cult and speaking 'English' and claiming to be a super genius -
she still can't speak English properly?

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Ching Hai thinks prostitution is fine

Ching Hai had before said 'masters are always right and can do no wrong' ( which confirms even more that she thinks a man pimping women is OK as can be seen in the videos below.

'Masters' or what some people call 'enlightened' people are supposed to be all good or at least do no wrong, in the first video below she calls Kabir a 'master' and a 'saint', and in the second video below Ching Hai calls Kabir "so enlightened", in both saying he tried to sell his wife (obviously meaning her body) so if she thinks Kabir was a saint doing that then she must think selling a woman's body is OK, an 'enlightened person' would never do such harm. If someone prostitutes their wife obviuosly they're far from a being a saint but Mrs Ching Hai thinks they can be.

Cult leader Ching Hai thinks prostitution is... by chinghaiexposed

Cult leader Ching Hai thinks stealing is OK

Cult leader Ching Hai teaches her followers stealing is OK -

"everyone is free to take anything they wish"


Disciples of Ching Hai steal other people's wi-fi and she laughs about it -

Disciples of Ching Hai steal other people's wi-fi by chinghaiexposed


Ching Hai steals herself from her followers via exploitation. After she brainwashes them to believe she's God and Jesus reincarnated she gets them to buy her useless merchandise of which are sold in every meditation center of the group as well as her website. Members believe they get blessings from her products of which is obviously false. Someone negative would only give negativity from anything from themselves.

Ching Hai thinks ethics are not required to be a good person. Here she tells her followers that none of the precepts required to join the group need to be followed in order to go to Heaven. One of the precepts is not to steal, i.e. Ching Hai thinks someone can be a thief and a saint at the same time.

Cult leader Ching Hai thinks ethics are not... by chinghaiexposed

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Disciples of Ching Hai steal other people's wi-fi and she laughs about it

People get arrested for stealing other people's wi-fi, nobody gets arrested for eating meat, yet Ching Hai goes on and on about veganism and just laughs about the theft of other's wi-fi by her disciples. Obviously stealing is worse than eating meat but then Ching Hai wants more people to be vegan to have more members and make more money from her Loving Hut restaurant franchise.

This video is another proof Ching Hai doesn't care about goodness or any of her members being enlightened. As long as she makes money from conning people there is no problem in her eyes.

Disciples of Ching Hai steal other people's wi-fi by chinghaiexposed

Cult Leader Ching Hai caught trying to manipulate her followers in order to get their money

Here in this video of Ching Hai speaking in California, USA on 28 December 1996 you will see her trying to to use basic psychological trickery and manipulation to get her followers to give as much of their money to her as possible other than the minimum amount they need to survive or even less.

Since Ching Hai partly uses subtle trickery in the video if someone doesn't have enough intelligence they might not be able to see it.

In the video Ching Hai says among other manipulative false statements:

'Having less money than one needs or barely enough is best'

'They should focus on their higher ideal (meditating for enlightenment and increasing the number of Quan Yin practitioners) and forget everything else'

'Being poor is interesting and exciting'

'If there is a 'master' like Jesus or Buddha (which she means herself) they must help them (give their money)'

[Please watch in full screen so you may be able to read the commentary in the video]

Cult Leader Ching Hai caught trying to... by chinghaiexposed

Does Ching Hai pay tax on all her hidden shops?

In every single meditation center of the group, and there are a lot (, there is a store selling her merchandise. In some centers it's a whole room and in some it's part of a room. Anyone can go into the center including non-members whom go to visit to ask questions or to apply for initiation so basically they are public shops, the question is - is Sales Tax on all the individual items and all the other taxes for the retail business paid?

Leaked Email - SMTV sends a message to all centers of the cult to tell their members to stop bothering artists they work/worked with

---------- Forwarded message ----------

Date: 22 May 2012 13:26
Subject: message from SMTV

Dear Centers,

 A kind reminder that fellow initiates should not make any direct contact with artists that SMTV (Los Angeles) has worked with in the past – via phone, email, mail, Facebook, Twitter, or any other communication means.  A number of initiates have done this and it is causing disturbance & confusion in our relationships with the artists.  This has happened in the past and just recently happened again.

 Thank you for your kind cooperation and care in ensuring that SMTV is able to maintain a good and professional relationship with these VIPs.